Support during the COVID-19 crisis
We've refined our safety processes, and we are confident we can continue to keep employees and customers safe. About 60% of our staff is working from home, and we have deployed essential teams to continue the delivery of reliable energy.

We continue to perform critical work as allowed by the State of Michigan and CDC guidelines.  This work includes preventative maintenance and infrastructure upgrades for electric generation, the electric grid and our natural gas systems.

Rest assured that we are committed to doing what’s right. When you see or interact with our crews, know that they will be following medically-recommended safety protocols, including daily health screenings, social distancing and wearing face masks and gloves. If they need to enter your home, they will take additional precautions, like wearing safety glasses, a mask and nitrile gloves.  We need your help, too – please keep a safe distance (at least six feet) from our crews and let us know if you or anyone in your home has recently been ill.

We know these are uncertain times, but you can feel confident that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your neighbors safe.

View our Redford Service Center team’s message to customers.​
Criminals are taking advantage of the fear surrounding COVID-19 to pray on people at their most vulnerable. DTE has seen an increase in scam artists targeting customers, claiming to be a representative from the company and asking for sensitive information or immediate payment. Other new scams include criminals using text messages claiming someone you came in contact with tested positive for COVID-19 (read more about this scam here.)

Watch for the red flags of a scam:

Someone asks for your DTE account number
DTE Energy DOES NOT ask customers to provide their account numbers. We only ask to validate information such as zip code, or last four digits of your Social Security number to protect our customers' private information. Plus, DTE Energy DOES NOT call for payment if the account is in good standing. If a customer is behind on payments, DTE will mail a warning notice.

Alarm bells should ring when someone calls and says a crew is on the way to shut off service unless there's an immediate payment. The more aggressive the caller, the more skeptical you should be.

Demanding a specific form of payment
DTE Energy does not demand a specific form of payment. In fact, we provide a variety of payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, bank/ACH transfers and more. If a caller insists on payment via a prepaid debit card — especially a specific brand of prepaid card — it is a scam. 

DO NOT trust your caller ID.
Scammers are using caller ID spoofing to make the call appear to originate from DTE Energy.  Ask for identification. Pull out your most recent DTE Energy bill and ask the caller to tell you the account number and the amount due. A scammer will usually be unable to do so.

If you suspect you have been fraudulently contacted, call 800.477.4747 to speak with a customer service representative who can confirm the status of your account and make appropriate arrangements for payment, if needed. If you believe your identity or data may be compromised, call your local police, take advantage of free credit reporting, watch for new accounts opened in your name and report any unusual activity to DTE immediately.
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Frequently asked questions

Additional resources for you

To stay informed on Coronavirus updates, please visit:

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Family Well Being Guide

State of Michigan
I am having difficulty paying my bill, what should I do?

DTE encourages customers facing financial hardship or medical conditions as a result of COVID-19 to contact us at 800.477.4747. We have a variety of payment programs and we have flexibility to work with you. See our Tips and Resources for Residential Customers page.

I’m spending more time at home. How could that impact my next bills?
If you’re spending more time at home, you’re probably using more energy, and this will be reflected in upcoming bill.

We have energy efficiency tips to help you reduce your usage and your bills.
What if DTE employees get sick? Will there be power?
DTE's crisis plans are designed to protect people and ensure energy operations and infrastructure continue to function. The company will take additional precautions to protect the public and employees when work is required at local businesses and residences.