MV-Web AES and Marketer

MV-Web Detailed Usage Data Program
Alternative Electric Suppliers and Marketers can access their enrolled customers’ load profile usage data online via the MV-Web Detailed Usage Data program (MV-Web) application.

Program Overview
The MV-Web program provides Alternative Electric Suppliers and Marketers with online access to customer usage data. Within this program, suppliers and marketers can use analytic tools to view load data, as shown in 30-minute increments. They can also create graphs and tables that help them easily visualize customer data, as well as export detailed custom reports.

For more information on the program, please download the MV-Web User Guide.

NOTE: Load profile usage is only available in areas with program-supported meters.

Alternative Electric Suppliers and Marketers who want to access the MV-Web program to view a customer’s data must first obtain written authorization from the customer using a MV-Web Registration Form. Please submit the completed form to or fax to 313.235.3700.

Our Support Center will process the form and release the MV-Web User IDs and Passwords to the customer of record. The customer is then responsible for providing the User IDs and Passwords to Alternative Electric Suppliers and Marketers and other invested parties.

MV-Web access is restricted to authorized users. Follow the steps in the registration section if you don’t have login information.
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This service is offered on a “best effort” and is provided “as is” with no representation or warranties of any kind, either expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to, the fitness for a particular purpose. The user of this MV-Web Detailed Usage Data Program assumes total responsibility and risk of use of the data and data-related services. Refer to the Terms of Use for a complete explanation.

Contact Us
If you have questions about the MV-Web program, we’re here to help. Please contact the DTE Electric Choice Support Center at 888.830.2170 or
You can also download the MV-Web User Guide for detailed program information.