Affordable, Reliable and Clean

What is DTE Energy doing to keep energy affordable?

You're our top priority and we're working to provide you with fair prices and safe, reliable and dependable service.

Over the last 10 years, DTE has been an industry leader in controlling costs. These savings help us manage energy costs for you.

What is DTE Energy doing to provide reliable and clean energy?

Since 2011, we've invested more than $3.5 billion to lower the frequency of power outages and reduce power plant air emissions for cleaner energy.

We are also the largest investor in and producer of renewable energy in Michigan. In 2016, we generated more than 10 percent of our electricity from renewable energy sources, enough to power nearly 450,000 homes. Visit our renewable energy page to learn more.


How electric rates are set

The price you pay covers the costs necessary to run our business and serve you well. The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) regulates and approves the prices we charge to ensure you get the fairest price possible.

Our rates cover many aspects of providing electric service, including infrastructure maintenance and improvements, customer service and making environmentally friendly enhancements to our facilities.

Controlling costs is also an important part of keeping energy affordable, so DTE Energy strives to reduce waste and streamline processes.

We are always on the lookout for new technology to improve our services and efficiency. One great example of this is the high-tech advanced meters that we are installing across our service territory.

What is the rate setting process?
DTE Electric is a regulated utility, which means our prices are controlled and can only change when they are approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Watch the video and learn more about how rates are set.


Factors that impact electricity prices

The price that you pay for electric service reflects the cost to build, finance, operate and maintain both the power plants that produce the energy you use as well as the distribution system (the overhead and underground power line, substations, poles, etc.) that deliver the energy to your home or business. Some key factors that impact the price of electricity are:

  • Fuel Costs
    We currently use low-sulfur coal and nuclear power to generate most of the electricity you use. As the cost of coal and natural gas change, so does our cost to produce electricity. Wind and solar renewable sources have been added to reduce fuel costs overall.

  • Maintenance
    Throughout the year, we maintain our poles, wires and electrical equipment that make up our electric system to ensure safe, dependable and reliable service. Power plants must be maintained and equipped with emission control equipment to reduce air emissions. We also invest in new technology and equipment upgrades to reduce power outages and enable faster restoration.

  • Weather
    The cost to generate and deliver electricity increases during periods of extreme weather when the demand for electricity increases. Severe weather can damage our equipment adding to the cost to maintain the electric grid.


Take control of your electricity use
  • Save Energy
    We want to help you take control of your energy use and reduce your costs as much as possible. Visit our Ways to Save pages for residents or businesses to find more information on improving energy efficiency, rebates and energy management tools.

  • Fluctuating Bills
    In Michigan, weather plays a major role in how you use energy. A couple days of extreme weather — hot or cold — can make heating and cooling equipment run longer increasing your energy use. Ever wonder why your energy bill is high? Watch this video to learn more.

  • DTE Insight App and Energy Bridge
    The DTE insight app links your smartphone to the advanced meter and helps you reduce energy use. When you add the Energy Bridge you'll see energy waste in real-time and find more ways to save. Download the free app in the App Store or Google Play (Request the free Energy Bridge in app).


Helping Michigan Prosper

DTE Energy pledged to spend $5 billion with Michigan-based companies over the next five years as part of the state's Pure Michigan Business Connect Program.

We continue to cultivate business relationships with a diverse group of suppliers, and work with more than 200 minority and women-owned businesses.

To learn more, see the DTE Energy Corporate Citizenship Report.

Residential Electric Rates

Electric Rate Book
DTE Electric is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). In the Electric Rate Book the company's rules, regulations and rates are periodically updated as a result of orders issued by the MPSC. There may be a time lag of up to 30 days from the date of the issuance of an order until modified tariff pages are actually filed with and approved by the MPSC, and incorporated on this site.

What is the right pricing option for me?
Most likely you are on the right rate - the majority of our customer are on the Residential Electric Service Rate that provides the energy you need at an affordable price. Based on your needs, you may be interested in other options we offer.


Business Electric Rates

Rate Book Pages

The DTE Electric Company Rate Book  can be found on the Michigan Public Service Commission Website. If you have questions regarding the Rate Book please contact DTE Regulatory Affairs at

Standard Business Forms

Links to standard agreement, contract and miscellaneous forms appear below:

All-Electric School Building Service Agreement (D10)
Commercial Account Contract
Interruptible General Service (D3.3)
Interruptible Supply Agreement (D8)
Municipal Pumping Supply Agreement (E5)
Primary Education Institution Agreement (D6.2)
Primary Supply Agreement (D11)
Retail Access Customer Distribution Agreement
Standard Contract Rider No.1.1
Standard Contract Rider No.1.2
Standard Contract Rider No.2
Standard Contract Rider No.3
Standard Contract Rider No. 3 Station Standby Power
Standard Contract Rider No.4
Standard Contract Rider No. 10
Standard Contract Rider No.12
Standard Contract Rider No.13
Tax Exemption Certificate