Key Features

Take a Deeper Look at Savings

With the DTE Energy Insight app, you can see and manage how your home uses natural gas from the palm of your hand. DTE Insight takes the guesswork out of how to save on your gas bill by offering personalized tips.

The Perfect Savings Pair

The DTE Insight app and Energy Bridge work together to help you see how your home and appliances use energy in real time and allow you to make instant adjustments. When connected to smart devices like the Powerley smart thermostat, you can control your home from anywhere for comfort and savings.

Real-time Image
Real-time View of Your Natural Gas
Customize your home to your level of comfort with the peace of mind that comes from knowing how much energy you’re using based on your needs. No more waiting to see your energy use until the end of the month and wondering how much it will cost. See it as you use it.
Budget & Goal Image
Budget & Goal Setting
Set your target energy use and keep track of your progress with easy-to-use in-app tools. Save even more by using the weather feature to adjust your thermostat before the temperature changes.
Tips & Savings Image
Tips & Savings
Get helpful tips and project ideas that make it easy to reduce your natural gas use and hit your energy goals. Join in challenges that make it fun for the whole family to conserve energy.