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To save on natural gas bills as part of the DTE Insight program, you’ll need to complete the following simple steps.
  1. Download the DTE Insight app.
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  2. Enter your dteenergy.com account email and password to login.
  3. In your Insight app, select “Request Energy Bridge” from the “My Devices” screen to get started.
  4. When your smart thermostat and Energy Bridge arrive, connect them and sync to your DTE Insight app.
  5. Provide feedback about your experience throughout the year.
The first 1,000 customers to sign up for this exclusive program will also receive:
Smart thermostat Image
A FREE smart thermostat ($100 value)
Comfort and convenience for all seasons.
Free Energy Bridge Image
A FREE Energy Bridge ($79 value)
See your usage in real time and control your connected smart devices.
Waived Program Image
Waived program subscription fee
Join today to experience the benefits and no subscription fees throughout the program.
Your Free Energy Bridge and Smart Thermostat
When your Energy Bridge and smart thermostat arrive, you’re going to need to connect them immediately to participate in this program and experience all the savings and control DTE Insight offers. Installation shouldn’t take long, but if you need help, DTE is standing by.
Share Your Savings.
As part of this exclusive program, we need to hear from you. Throughout the 12-month period, you’ll be asked to provide feedback that will help us learn more about how DTE Insight is working for you.
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