Cost Savings & Benefits

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Every trip is cheaper in an EV

Check out the video above to learn how EVs can benefit you.

EVs Benefit You and Your Community

Here's why:

EVs cost about 40% less to fuel than a medium-sized gasoline-powered sedan.

Battery EVs (BEVs) require no oil changes and cost less to maintain.

Did you know that DTE offers lower electric pricing options for night and weekend charging?

Compare the costs of owning and operating an electric vehicle versus other vehicles types.

Cleaner Air
An EV driver in Michigan reduces up to 60% of emissions annually compared to a driver of a gas-powered vehicle.

Benefiting Michigan
The energy your EV uses is produced right here in Michigan. That means more money and jobs pumped into our local economy.

Vehicle Performance
Driving an EV is exciting - offering instantaneous torque with nearly silent acceleration.

Quieter Inside and Out
Because electric motors are much quieter than gas-powered motors, EVs reduce traffic noise on roads and neighborhood streets.

Tax Incentives
The U.S. Federal Government offers a tax credit up to $7,500 based on electric vehicle size and battery capacity. They also offer tax credits up to $1,000 for EV chargers. This helps make your new-vehicle purchase more affordable.