Charger Installation

Charger Installation

Your home charger installation process

If you've decided a Level 2 charger is right for your home, now the real excitement begins! Level 2 charging at home is more than a great convenience, it sets you on the path to getting the most from your EV ownership and driving experience.
Not sure what type of charge you need? No problem. Visit our "how to charge your EV" page to learn about the variety of options available to you.
Hiring an Electric Contractor
The following companies offer a fixed installation price. Contact one of them today to schedule your electric vehicle charging station installation.

Charging station installers

Electrician Basic Charging Station Install Basic 2nd Meter Install Area Web/Email/Phone
Center Line Electric $1,465 $400 Entire DTE Electric Area
Chief Electric $600 $500 Wayne
Electrical Power & Design $825 $625 Entire DTE Electric Area
Home Service Corporation $850 $750 Wayne
Income Power $750 $600 Oakland, Wayne

JW Shaw Electric $835 $340 Oakland
McWire Electric $840 $340 Macomb
St. Clair
Mr. Electric $839 $340 Oakland
St. Clair
Oak Electric Service $785 $375 Oakland Livingston
Stultz Electric $750 $350 Oakland
St. Clair
Winn Electric LLC $1,275 $385 Entire DTE Electric Area

Contractor Information

If you are an electrical contractor and interested in being listed on DTE's website with flat rate pricing, please contact

Each participating EV charger installer is an independent company that sets its own pricing. DTE Energy does not endorse any EV charger installer or its products, services, or opinions. Customers do not have to select one of the EV charger installers listed above. Other EV charger installers may be available in your area. By clicking any of these links, you will leave and be transferred to a third-party website not affiliated with DTE Energy. DTE Energy does not endorse or approve any third-party websites or its products, services or opinions. The terms and privacy policies of the third-party website will apply. Your use of the third-party website and its content is at your own risk.
Installing the Proper Equipment at Your Home

A Level 2 home charging station installation includes:

  • Pre-installation inspection of all equipment and site
  • Manual installation and labor
  • Dedicated 240v 40amp circuit (up to 50 feet of wiring)
  • Installation and surface mounting of charging station
  • Charging station start up and test
  • Local codes will require permits and/or inspections not included in the flat rate price. For basic installations, permits will typically cost less than $100, but can sometimes be higher depending on your municipality

Installation of additional electric meter includes:

  • Installation of additional meter socket/housing and connection to your main disconnect
Additional Services That May Be Needed

Panel Upgrades:

60 amp to 100 amp $1,200-$2,000
100 amp to 200 amp $1,500 to 2,300

Newly built homes typically will have panels with adequate capacity to install an EV charger. Older homes may have a tough time keeping up with this additional demand for electricity and may need to be upgraded to accommodate the additional electric load. If you need a panel upgrade to install your EV charger, talk to your electrician about alternative options like installing a separate meter, which may help lower your total install costs.

Sub-Panel - $300 to $500

If your main service panel does not have enough room to add another circuit (for your EV charging station), you may need to add a sub-panel. This will provide new space for your new EV charging circuit in a different location.

Underground Trenching (Lawn) - $10 to $40 per foot

If you have a detached garage and wish to install your EV charging station in your garage, you may have to run wiring from your house to your garage; this wiring will likely need to be buried and could increase your installation costs. Consider mounting your charging station in another location to save money. Contact a Level 2 charging station installer for an estimate prior to moving forward.

House Layout and Structure - Pricing varies

If your breaker panel is located relatively far from where you would like to install your charging station, more than 50 feet of wire – included in flat-rate installation prices – may be needed. Extra wiring would be purchased for a nominal cost. Concealing electrical wiring may also be an option at an additional cost.