System Improvements Overview

A Safe Investment With High-Power Returns

A smarter, stronger energy infrastructure won’t happen all by itself. That’s why DTE Energy has created a long-term strategy, dedicating the expert personnel, technology and financial resources needed to make Michigan’s energy future a reality.

Safe, Reliable, Affordable Energy for All

With great power comes great responsibility. DTE Energy is making a strong investment in the communities we serve by upgrading our equipment, electric systems and natural gas lines to ensure safe, reliable service. The end result is not only a more dynamic and secure power grid and gas delivery system, but also peace of mind for our customers.



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Natural Gas


Every day, natural gas is your
safe, reliable energy source.
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Investing in Electric Grid Upgrades Every Year

It’s a commitment as big as the 7,600 square miles of our electrical grid. DTE Energy will invest millions of dollars every year to construct new substations, upgrade poles and wires, install new technologies and continue our enhanced tree trimming program. To learn more about how we’re building an advanced power grid, see our electric infrastructure upgrades page.

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DTE's Multi-Year Natural Gas System Improvement Program

For homes and businesses, natural gas is a convenient, proven technology. To support this trusted energy source, over the next five years DTE Energy will invest $1.6 billion to upgrade the natural gas infrastructure serving Michigan neighborhoods and businesses.

Visit our natural gas system improvements page to learn more about how DTE Energy is working to safeguard access to this environmentally-friendly, locally-produced energy source.

Powering Michigan’s Economy With Jobs

These infrastructure investments benefit us all and they also brighten the lives of many hard-working people significantly. That’s because a major portion of our electric and natural gas improvements will be made through Michigan-based suppliers, helping to create and support more than 8,500 jobs in our home state. For more about DTE’s commitment to Michigan, view our Corporate Citizenship Report.