Taking Action to Take Care of the Environment

BioGreenGas Business is a voluntary program supporting the local development of renewable natural gas that arises naturally from landfills.
As organic matter decays, methane escapes into the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas. Capturing methane and removing its impurities creates a renewable source of pipeline-quality natural gas. DTE Energy is proud to support the development of this technology in Michigan.

Good for the Environment and the Business Climate

BioGreenGas Business is an investment in a greener future for companies and the environment. Supporting this groundbreaking technology is good for our communities in creating a new renewable source of pipeline-quality natural gas for businesses and families.

A True Commitment to Your Customers

BioGreenGas Business not only prevents harmful methane from escaping into the air, it also proves to your customers that your company cares about the world we all share, highlighting the human side of your brand. This program demonstrates your environmental commitment to the community, creating goodwill with customers, especially those interested in environmentally-themed initiatives.

Small Investment, Big Return

Like many new technologies, biogas can be quite expensive to produce. Partnering with businesses and residential customers, DTE Energy is committed to supporting biogas as well as in diversifying and strengthening Michigan’s overall clean energy strategy.

For only $2.50 per month, you can help support renewable energy development and create a cleaner, more sustainable Michigan. You will be joining a growing community of business and residential natural gas customers already enrolled in BioGreenGas.

BioGreenGas in Your Community

DTE Energy is breaking new ground with BioGreenGas, an innovative program that captures methane from landfills and turns it into pipeline-quality natural gas. For just $2.50 per month, you can participate in this voluntary program and join a growing number of people and businesses who support renewable energy development. DTE Energy is proud to support this technology in Michigan and look forward to partnering with you to expand our involvement with renewable energy. BioGreenGas is available to all DTE Energy natural gas customers.

Learn More About BioGreenGas Business

Email your questions to us at or call 800.881.3578.

BioGreenGas Business FAQs

To determine if joining BioGreenGas Business is right for you, below are answers to the most common questions regarding this renewable natural gas program. You’ll also find information that your customers may want to know about your participation with BioGreenGas Business.

Why should we consider enrolling our company in BioGreenGas Business?
Participating in our BioGreenGas Business program is an easy, inexpensive way for you to help support renewable energy development in Michigan. At the same time, you will generate goodwill with your customer base and demonstrate your environmental commitment in the community where you live and work.

Will our participation in BioGreenGas Business have a positive impact on our business?
Yes. Your participation shows that your business is environmentally responsible, which can help you attract new customers who are interested in environmentally friendly initiatives. It can potentially lead to a positive return on your investment.

What can we expect if we enroll our company in the BioGreenGas Business program?
DTE Energy is interested in helping you maximize your potential positive return on investment with the BioGreenGas business program. Once you enroll, you will receive a welcome kit complete with valuable tools that will help you make your customers aware of your commitment to the environment. We also will provide access to a members-only website that will include additional information and communication resources.

What are some specific ways we can leverage our participation in BioGreenGas Business?
One way is by prominently displaying the membership decal, included in your welcome kit, at your place of business or on your company vehicle. This will inform customers who visit your business or see your vehicle of your environmental commitment. Another way is by including the program logo on your printed and electronic documents, as well as on posters and other materials that you can display at community events. You also will want to review the FAQ in your welcome kit so you can answer questions about BioGreenGas Business that your customers may ask.

What is renewable natural gas and how is it produced?
Renewable natural gas is generated from methane that is produced in landfills. When ordinary garbage decomposes, it produces methane gas. Capturing the methane and removing its impurities creates a renewable source of pipeline quality natural gas.

Is renewable natural gas produced from fracking?
No. The biogas production process taps into the methane source by means of wells sunk into the landfill. The methane gas is then delivered to a facility where it is cleaned and converted to renewable, pipeline-quality natural gas.

How does the program enrollment process work?
The BioGreenGas Business program is voluntary. Customers elect to pay a premium of $2.50 per month to support the development and advance the utilization of natural gas generated from biogas resources.

Is DTE Energy offering the program because of a government mandate?
No government mandate has been imposed on DTE Energy. The company is offering BioGreenGas Business because of expressed customer interest in a renewable natural gas program.

How does the renewable natural gas get to my business?
The renewable natural gas is purchased by DTE Energy and delivered into a nearby pipeline system. Because the renewable natural gas is blended with gas supply from other traditional sources, however, there is no way to determine which of the gas molecules actually reach your business.

How much does it cost to enroll in the BioGreenGas Business program?
The monthly contribution is $2.50.

We are already enrolled in a DTE Energy renewable energy program. Is this the same program?
DTE Energy offers two voluntary renewable energy programs. GreenCurrentsSM is for DTE Energy electric customers. BioGreenGas is for natural gas customers. Michigan also mandates that all customers pay a non-voluntary renewable energy surcharge to facilitate compliance with the state's renewable energy portfolio standard.

Natural gas is already abundant and clean. Why is DTE Energy offering a renewable natural gas program?
Methane is a destructive greenhouse gas. Using a landfill gas recovery system, this potentially harmful substance, a by-product of organic decay, is turned into clean, pipeline-quality natural gas, making it an environmentally conscious source of energy. The BioGreenGas Business program is helping to build a cleaner, more sustainable Michigan.

How is DTE Energy benefiting by offering BioGreenGas Business?
Supporting renewable energy development contributes to the sustainability of our communities and to the betterment of Michigan's environment.