Natural gas is a clean-burning, trusted energy source for homes and businesses across our state. That’s why we strive to bring this safe, reliable form of energy to you at the most economical price.

Over the last 10 years, residential customers' total natural gas bills have dropped nearly 30 percent. The cost of natural gas itself, which accounts for around one-third of the total bill, has fallen by about 20 percent since the start of 2017.

Over the next five years, DTE Energy will invest $1.7 billion in natural gas system improvements. This will help us modernize our existing assets, keep them safe and manage gas costs for everyone.

You Have a Choice

DTE Energy is responsible for keeping its natural gas system safe and secure. DTE also buys natural gas when prices are low, to keep cost stable throughout the year. Michigan residents do have a choice when it comes to who provides their natural gas. To compare DTE prices with alternative natural gas suppliers, check out the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) rate comparison table.

Keeping Gas Costs Low
Leveraging Seasonal Pricing

Michigan leads the United States in natural gas storage. Our infrastructure allows us to purchase natural gas from multiple areas of the country, ensuring the most affordable price possible.

We purchase large quantities of natural gas during the summer, when prices and demand are low. We store the supply until the winter, when customer demand is high, providing a steady source of gas at a stable price.

No Price Markups, Unlike 3rd Parties

DTE Energy passes through the actual cost of natural gas to you. The price you pay for natural gas is the same price we paid for natural gas. Market prices may change over time, but be assured we work hard to keep our prices affordable. Also, prices are regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). To learn more, please watch our video How Rates are Set.

System Upgrades

DTE employees live and work in the communities we serve. As neighbors, we understand the importance of keeping our service safe, reliable and affordable. We’re constantly evaluating and making infrastructure investments and improvements with these goals in mind.

As a result of our efforts, DTE Energy leads our peers in cost management, which means lower rates for our customers.

Gas Pricing Factors
Market Costs

The cost of natural gas fluctuates from month to month, but this will not affect our customers. DTE can pull from different services across the United States and Canada and store vast quantities of low-priced gas. This allows us to offer a more stable price for natural gas, even at high-use times. We work with the MPSC to do all we can to keep that cost as low as possible. Any savings we create are passed directly on to you.

Gas Distribution Maintenance

DTE Energy is using the latest technology to keep your natural gas safe and reliable. And by monitoring the system 24/7/365, upgrading and maintaining neighborhood service lines, and performing over 300,000 inspections each year, we make sure you always have reliable natural gas.

Manage Your Gas Usage

A large portion of your bill pays for the natural gas you use. This portion of your bill equals the cost of natural gas, listed on your bill as Gas Cost Recovery (GCR), multiplied by your individual usage, measured in units of one hundred cubic feet of natural gas (Ccf). Even if natural gas prices decrease, your bill could increase if you use more natural gas.


When extreme temperatures hit, we all generally use higher quantities of natural gas to stay comfortable. Even just a few days of extreme temperatures can impact your bill.

Apart from the price of each unit (Ccf) of natural gas, your bill will fluctuate according to your usage pattern. Use less gas and you pay less. Here are some ways you can take control of your energy use and reduce your costs.

Energy-Saving Ideas

Visit our Compare Incentive Options page to find more information about rebates, energy management tools and how you can improve energy efficiency.

Billing Options

Many options are available to help balance your budget and manage your energy bill, such as AutoPay, BudgetWise Billing®, eBill Paperless Billing, Flexible Due Date and Reduced Billing Frequency.

Gas Pricing Explained

The GCR rate can fluctuate on a monthly basis, so the most current listing of natural gas pricing options can be found in the DTE Energy rate card.

For more information on pricing and rates, check out our animated bill video.

What is a Ccf?

We measure and sell natural gas to our customers by measuring the volume in cubic feet. One cubic foot of natural gas would fit in a cube, 12 inches square and 12 inches high. For ease in billing, we measure and price natural gas in units of 100 cubic feet or Ccf, which is the unit of measure you see on your natural gas bill. If you use 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas in a billing period, you will actually see your usage as 10 Ccf on your bill.

DTE Natural Gas Rate Book

DTE Gas is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). The company’s rules, regulations and rates are periodically updated because of orders issued by the MPSC. There may be a time lag of up to 30 days from the date of the issuance of an order until modified tariff pages are actually filed with and approved by the MPSC and incorporated on this site.

Natural Gas Pricing Options Bill Insert

View the latest bill insert for more information on commercial natural gas rates.