Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEV)

Keep Your Company Rolling in the Green

Offering a variety of advantages and efficiencies, more and more businesses are using plug-in electric vehicles to improve their bottom line.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Infrastructure

There are several direct monetary reasons for organizations to deploy EV charging infrastructure. Indirect monetary benefits are more difficult to measure, but they can have a significant impact on enhancing your brand with new and existing customers as well as attracting and retaining employees.

Direct Benefits
EV Charging Use Fees
EV charging user fees can offset costs for electricity, installation, warranty, maintenance and support costs for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Collect Paid-For-Parking Fees
Collect parking fees in EV locations that presently offer free all day or hourly parking.

Value of Avoiding Carbon Emissions
By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you may be able to trade carbon credits or offset future carbon taxes.

Indirect Benefits
Attract Customers/Vendors/Strategic Partners
The parking lot is your organization’s first opportunity to make an impression. EV charging stations demonstrate to visitors that your organization is progressive and innovative.

Environmentally Responsible Branding
With decals, auto wraps or other visuals, electric fleet vehicles become rolling billboards for your organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent
Bright minds want to work for forward-thinking organizations that support innovation, the environment and personal responsibility.1

Supporting the Plug-In Driving Community
Some EV owners may not own their own garage or have dedicated parking in a condo or apartment complex. You can show your commitment by serving as a charging hub for the plug-in driving community.

Positive Employee and Community Perception
Implementing an EV program shows that you support public health goals by doing your part to reduce carbon emissions.

Possible Contribution to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Points for Green Building Initiatives
Up to three LEED points are available.2
1 Providing workplace charging to employees may be considered as a benefit and subject to IRS tax laws.
2 For more information, see Construction Sustainable Sites Credit #4.3Alternative Transportation, Low-Emitting and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles.

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