Economic Development

Let us help you grow in Michigan

When growing a business, the right support can mean everything. DTE Energy is more than a utility. We improve lives with our energy. As part of our mission, we help our communities flourish and supporting business and industry makes the future brighter for everyone.

DTE Energy has been a longtime supporter of Michigan’s business community and we have helped make our state a globally-recognized hub for industry by providing programs to help them succeed. Our Economic Development team will help your organization select the best location for your growing business and connect your team to other regional economic development partners to further support your growth.

Michigan is the ideal place for any growing business. With some of the nation’s best universities located right in our backyard, a highly skilled talent pool is at your fingertips. Add in Michigan’s beautiful freshwater coastline, world class entertainment, a vibrant culinary scene and our low-cost, high-quality of life and we offer a highly compelling value proposition for your business.

How DTE’s Economic Development Specialists Can Help

DTE Energy’s Economic Development team is ready to help you make the most of your growing enterprise. Let our expert consultants help you find the right incentives for you, with options for new construction, improving existing infrastructure and even building a custom incentives package to fit your growing business.

We can help you select the perfect site for your company and provide you with a project proposal tailored to you. With gas and electric infrastructure mapping, construction incentives, energy efficiency options and the tools to find the right green energy program incentives for you, your new venture may be closer than you think.

When you choose to expand into Michigan, your organization will have access to special electric rates and incentives to help make doing business even better for you.

High Load Factor Rate
The High Load Factor rate offers one of the nation’s most competitive electric rates to enterprises with qualifying peak demand and utilization profiles. The rate was designed for industries like advanced battery production, data centers, major manufacturing and crypto mining to make the most of their business in Michigan.

Grow Energy Program
DTE Energy offers low rates specifically tailored for commercial greenhouses and energy efficiency incentives to help the indoor agriculture industry bloom.

Assistance with Utility Infrastructure Costs
DTE Energy offers cost sharing to build electric infrastructure for new or expanding businesses with 1,000 kilowatts (kW) or greater of electric demand.

Lowering Your Project’s Carbon Footprint

DTE Energy is committed to helping businesses find the best energy solutions for their upcoming new construction projects. We offer a comprehensive approach to energy-efficiency improvements and high-performance building design on nonresidential projects. Whether it’s a major renovation or new building, DTE can help you create a solid energy-wise foundation to build on. Learn how.
We can also provide your project with reliable, affordable and clean energy though our voluntary renewable electric and gas programs as well.

DTE has many options to reduce costs and save money. Contact a DTE Energy economic development specialist today at or call 855.367.0255 for a consultation.