Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostats

Set your level of home comfort and get more control over your energy bill.

Receive a $50 rebate with your new wi-fi enabled thermostat.

How it works

DTE electric and natural gas residential customers who purchase a qualified, wi-fi enabled thermostat after January 1, 2023 may be eligible for a rebate.

You can receive an instant rebate when purchasing a wi-fi enabled thermostat from the DTE Marketplace. Or if you’ve already purchased a wi-fi enabled thermostat, apply for your rebate online. It’s easy:

  1. Fill in the name and address of the DTE account holder and the DTE account number. (Your account number is available on your paper bill or online account).
  2. Include a copy of the original receipt that shows date of purchase, model number, name of the manufacturer and name of the retailer. (Don’t have a digital copy? We also accept pictures of documents taken with your smartphone.)

One rebate per household. A thermostat purchased as part of a bundle must appear as a line item on the invoice or receipt, with the correlated price of the thermostat, to be eligible.

Refurbished or resale units do not qualify for rebate.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat Rebates Amount

Electric Customers


Natural Gas Customers


Get a rebate on your new, wi-fi enabled thermostat!

Apply Online

Get your rebate faster by applying online! Rebate arrives in 4 to 6 weeks.

Ready to purchase a new wi-fi enabled thermostat?

DTE Marketplace

Receive an instant rebate by purchasing a wi-fi enabled thermostat at the DTE Marketplace.

DTE offers thermostat installation service for residential customers located in Wayne, Oakland, Livingston, Macomb, or Washtenaw counties.

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Limited Rebates Available

As of 01/01/2023

Electric Customers


Natural Gas Customers


Rebates funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis and customers are encouraged to apply early, as program funds are limited.