Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment

Home Run for Comfort

Michigan weather is unpredictable, so keep your whole house in peak performing condition year-round.
Is your house too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter? What’s the culprit? Is it the windows, the heating or cooling equipment, or a lack of insulation? By scheduling a Comprehensive Energy Assessment (CEA) with a participating contractor, you will be able to target areas of opportunity for you to make valuable home improvements. Get started today!

What is a Comprehensive Energy Assessment (CEA)?

The Comprehensive Energy Assessment is an in-depth holistic approach to increasing home energy savings and comfort that also comes with a $50 rebate! During a CEA, a contractor will conduct a thorough analysis of your home using the latest technology and diagnostic testing. This assessment will provide you with a better understanding of your homes’ energy efficiency, as well as a roadmap of solutions that can optimize the comfort and efficiency of your home.

The CEA includes:

  • Safety and efficiency testing for heating and cooling equipment
  • Testing to determine airflow and pressure differences inside and outside of your home
  • Thermal imaging of your home to identify hot and cold spots
  • Energy modeling to estimate the cost and savings of recommended improvements

With the CEA, you will have a list of recommended home improvements pinpointing causes for discomfort, energy waste, and health and safety risks in your home. Save time, money and energy by getting a CEA.

Review Available Rebates
Improvement Requirements Rebate
Comprehensive Energy Assessment Blow door pre-test $50
Air Sealing Reduction
10% Reduction Verification by blower door pre and post test $75
20% Reduction $125
40% Reduction $150

Click on one of the rebates listed below to learn more:

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and customers are encouraged to apply early, as program funds are limited. Not sure if you qualify? Please see below:


  • DTE Energy must be the primary provider of your home’s heat (most DTE Energy gas and gas/electric combination customers qualify).
  • Single-family homes and homes with less than five connected housing units are eligible.
  • Your home must have a separate entrance and a separate meter.
  • New construction homes do not qualify.

Need more information? Review the full program terms and conditions or call 866.796.0512 or send us an email at to learn more about the overall program and program eligibility.

Learn How to Participate

Find a Participating Contractor

  1. Find a contractor now using our Energy-Efficiency Directory.
  2. After the CEA is completed, the contractor will recommend improvements based on associated costs and benefits.
  3. Decide which improvements to make.  Ask the contractor about rebates from DTE Energy.