There's a Rebate Waiting for You

Lowering your energy bill is easier than you think. Learn how you can get cash-back rebates for home improvements and start saving today.
Get a complete review of your entire home and earn cash-back rebates for improvements that can save you energy and lower your bills for years to come.
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Insulation and Windows
Cash-back rebates on insulation, windows, patio doors and other energy efficiency upgrades.
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Energy Efficiency
If you'd like to make your home more energy efficient, but are a senior citizen or otherwise have lower income, you may qualify for help.
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Home Energy
Get a FREE Home Energy Consultation and we’ll install FREE energy-efficient products.
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Home Energy
Complete the survey and receive a Home Energy Profile that will help you make simple improvements to save energy.
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If you're the owner or a tenant of a multifamily building, there may be additional ways for DTE Energy to help you save.
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Home Energy Consultation Program
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