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Natural Gas

Large Gas End Use Transportation Exploratory Offering Energy Optimization Program

Annual Enrollment period: Sept. 15 - Oct. 15. Annual reports for 2018 are due March 1, 2019.
Customers who choose Large Gas End Use Transportation (EUT) Exploratory Offering are exempt from mandatory energy optimization gas surcharge(s). The only exceptions are the portion of the surcharge funding the low-income programs, as well as the associated cost to administer the program.

To choose Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering, complete the application form with the required information.

Return your completed form to DTE Energy. It must be postmarked by Oct. 15. If your form is not received by this date, you will automatically be included in our Energy Optimization program as required by all customers who participate in this program.


The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) is in the process of drafting rules regulating the Energy Optimization Program, including the Self-Direct Program. The customer is subject to, and responsible for, any further and/or revised requirements contained in such rules. DTE Energy is not responsible for any further MPSC consequences or requirements, which apply to your location.

Additional Information

Information about DTE Energy Optimization Program incentives and services can be found on our Ways to Save page. Customers choosing the self-direct option are not eligible for incentives or rebates.

More details about the self-direct plan's rules may be found on the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) website.

If interested in the program, fill out our Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering Customer Request form. Learn more by viewing our Annual Report Template.

Program Eligibility
  • Non-residential gas customers of DTE Energy
  • Must have a satisfactory bill payment history
  • Must be an EUT customer on gas service rates LT, XLT, XXLT or take transportation service pursuant to a special transportation contract approved by the commission
Minimum Savings

Minimum incremental savings of the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering must meet or exceed the energy savings performance standards based on annual usage. Savings are new each year. To get an idea of your minimum savings requirements, multiply your annual gas use by the following percentages or complete the application. Project savings are annualized.

Plan Year Percent
2018 0.75%
2019 0.75%

Changes in business activity levels that are not attributable to energy efficiency, such as site closures or decreases in production, may not be included in an energy savings project.

Measures requiring fuel switching or electric self-generation are not eligible. If you have an existing electric self-generating piece of equipment using natural gas as a fuel source, you may submit energy efficiency improvements that save natural gas by increasing system efficiency.

For more information, see our Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering surcharges.

Enrollment Applications
  • Understand the Self-Direct Program requirements as described by Michigan Law. If you choose the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering, you will not be able to participate in the gas energy efficiency programs at DTE Energy.
  • Annual usage is determined from previous year’s usage.
  • Complete one application for each plan.
  • Plans expiring December 31 of the current year have the following options to extend the plan:
    • Option 1: Complete a new application and submit by Oct. 15 of current year.
    • Option 2: Amend your plan with updated base usage and submit for approval by Oct. 15 of current year.
  • Contact us at 866.796.0512 if you have any questions. Errors and blanks on your application will delay processing.


  • Once a site chooses to participate in the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering, all meters at that site must be included.
  • You may include as many eligible sites as you wish in the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering.


  • Open enrollment period and submission of the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering is Sept. 15 – Oct. 15.
  • All plans must be signed and postmarked by Oct.15.
  • Approve plans by Dec. 1.
  • Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering starts Jan. 1 of the following year.

Application Submission Process
Fill out our Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering Customer Request form. Please send the completed form(s) to:

DTE Energy Your Energy Savings Program
Attention: Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering
P.O. Box 11289
Detroit, MI 48211
Fax: 877.607.0744

To expedite the process, a signed PDF copy may be emailed or faxed. However, a signed original copy must be mailed to the above address.

Contact Us
If you have questions about submitting your plan, call our program hotline at 866.796.0512. Press option “3” to request the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering manager. You can also email us your questions.

Customer Report Requirements

Annual Report: Implemented Savings Projects
Every year, you are required to submit an annual report of the implemented savings projects. The MPSC has the statutory authority to assess penalties of up to two times the normal energy optimization surcharge in proportion of the shortfall in achieving your minimum energy optimization savings goals. You are encouraged to plan for savings that exceed the minimum savings goal. There is no penalty for not achieving your planned savings when you meet the minimum goal. Reports are due 60 days after the last day of term covered by your report. Reports are due March 1.

Amendments to Plans
Amendments are required to avoid plan expirations and should be accompanied with notifications of failure to meet the minimum energy optimization standards, partial terminations or changes in base usage. Plan amendments are required every two years to update energy usage and minimum savings requirements.

Termination Notice: Self-Direct Energy Optimization Program
This notice allows a customer to voluntarily return to the provider’s Energy Optimization Program. Upon return to the utility’s Energy Optimization Program, the customer becomes eligible for incentives provided by the utility's program and is responsible to pay applicable energy optimization surcharges from which they previously had been exempt. The customer is still liable for savings shortfalls that may have occurred during the Self-Direct Program. Full termination notices should include an annual report listing measures implemented up to termination. Partial terminations should include a plan amendment. Terminations become effective when the request is approved by DTE Energy. Once terminated, the full energy optimization surcharges will be applied to your bill on the next billing cycle. Please contact the business team for reporting requirements at 866.796.0512 (press option 3) or via email.

The Michigan Public Service Commission may require additional information about your plans and reports from the provider or customer.

Once you choose to participate, it is assumed you will continue to manage your Energy Optimization Program from that point forward.

If you decide to return, for whatever reason, you will not be eligible to participate in the Large Gas EUT Exploratory Offering any longer.