DTE Telecom Program

DTE Telecom Program

Plug in to Energy Savings for Your Business

Your facility’s operating systems need to be reliable all day, every day. The DTE Telecom Program offers energy efficiency upgrades to lower your monthly energy expenses, improve your system’s reliability, identify facility development opportunities and enhance your facility’s operations and performance — all without slowing down your daily operation.​

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Energy-Efficient Solutions for Telecommunications

This program provides technical services and whole-building solutions to help your telecommunications facilities use energy more efficiently. Through the program, you can receive a no-cost facility assessment by our telecommunications-focused energy advisors and incentives for a variety of energy efficiency upgrades, including:​

  • Network and switch equipment upgrades
  • Network optimization
  • Rectifier upgrades
  • Uninterruptible power supply system upgrades
  • HVAC equipment upgrades
  • HVAC right-sizing
  • HVAC controls
  • Economization
  • Variable Frequency Drives and fan optimization
  • Airflow management

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Qualifying customers must be providers of wired or wireless telephone, internet, cable, broadcasting or telecommunications data services within the DTE service area. All customer facility types are eligible to participate, provided they are a DTE electric ratepayer.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Infrastructure upgrades are popular ways to save energy in telecom facilities. The following projects are a few examples of how the DTE Telecom Program can save you money.

Examples of Projects

Example Project #1
Energy-Saving Project Switch Peripheral Equipment Consolidation
Existing Conditions Switch is powering underutilized or unneeded line and equipment
Proposed Conditions Consolidation of working lines and trunks into fewer pieces of active switch peripheral equipment
Estimated Project Cost $33,000
Estimated Annual Energy Savings 194,000 kWh
Estimated Annual Cost Savings1 $21,000
Simple Payback2 0.82 Years

Example Project #2
Energy-Saving Project CLEC/ILEC Switch Migration
Existing Conditions Legacy telephone exchange hardware
Proposed Conditions Switching software on general-purpose hardware (Softswitch)
Estimated Project Cost $200,000
Estimated Annual Energy Savings 300,000 kWh
Estimated Annual Cost Savings1 $33,000
Simple Payback2 5.33 Years

Example Project #3
Energy-Saving Project Airflow Management with Increased Economization
Existing Conditions Legacy data center layout
Proposed Conditions Improved ductwork, supply fan speed reductions, maximize economization hours
Estimated Project Cost $367,000
Estimated Annual Energy Savings 1,250,000 kWh
Estimated Annual Cost Savings1 $137,000
Simple Payback2 1.58 Years

1Estimated annual cost savings based on an $0.11/kWh price of electricity; the 2020 EIA.gov annual average for commercial customers in Michigan.
2Simple payback includes financial incentives through DTE Energy.

Many other upgrades are available, so speak with your energy advisor about the projects to best benefit your organization's needs at (888) 287-2201 or DTETelecom@franklinenergy.com.