Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program

Optimize your building's performance with a FREE study of your facility through the DTE Energy Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Program.

RCx helps you overcome building changes so you can enjoy more comfortable and productive work environments. The program can also decrease energy and maintenance spending while increasing your ability to maintain existing occupants and attract new ones. Other benefits may include:

  • A reduction in operating costs
  • Increased property value
  • Improved integration of building systems
  • Assurance that operations meet owner requirements

Standard Track

How It Works

  • Customer works with the RCx Team to complete an application
  • Once the application is accepted, a qualified energy consultant identifies and investigates RCx energy-saving measures, resulting in a report to the customer
  • Customer then implements the energy-saving measures of their choosing from the report with the help of a controls contractor
  • The RCx Team verifies savings for the customer, resulting in a final report to the customer

Costs Involved

  • The entire study is fully funded by DTE Energy.
  • You pay the cost of implementing the energy-saving measures of your choosing identified in the study, which will have a simple payback of eighteen months or less. Please visit for details on customer minimum spend requirements.
  • You can also receive bonus incentives for exceeding minimum savings goals.

Express Track

How It Works

  • Customer’s controls system will be assessed to identify specific energy-saving measures.
  • During the on-site investigation, any approved measures are implemented on the spot.
  • Documentation will be collected for implemented measures to verify energy savings.

Costs Involved

  • This service is fully funded up to $2,000, plus bonus incentives for exceeding minimum savings goals.

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