How to manage your business energy costs during winter

According to Energy Star, small businesses across the nation spend more than $60 billion each year on energy costs due to weather. Here in Michigan, cold winter temperatures may cause your business’ energy consumption to increase in a number of ways.
  • Air ducts that are leaking or not working properly can cause heat to escape.
  • Blocked air vents can cause a 25% increase in the energy needed to heat a room.
  • Dirty air filters make your furnace work harder, at a minimum replace every three months.
  • Fewer hours of natural lighting during the work day cause an increase in lighting needs.
  • Traditional, non-LED lighting uses far more energy than modern LED light bulbs.
  • Billing cycles can range from 26 to 35 days – a longer cycle can raise your monthly bill.
Make Energy Management a Business Priority
Following these everyday energy tips can help you cut costs by lowering your energy usage.
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