Stay Safe Using Natural Gas

Natural Gas Safety is a Shared Responsibility

DTE Energy is committed to ensuring natural gas remains a reliable, dependable and safe source of energy for homes and businesses across our state. Below are simple ways you can do your part to help stay safe every day.

Storm Safety and Natural Gas

Storm Safety and Natural Gas
After severe weather, be careful around uprooted trees. Roots systems can entangle buried pipelines, and when a tree is blown over, they may damage the pipe, resulting in a natural gas leak.

If you detect a sign of a natural gas leak, such as the smell of rotten eggs, leave the area immediately and call 800.947.5000. For more tips on what to do during and after a storm, check out our Storm Safety Center.

Increase Your Natural Gas Safety

  • Follow manufacturer's instructions in the care and operation of gas-fired appliances.
  • Hire qualified contractors for installation and repair of gas appliances.
  • Keep all combustible materials away from gas flames.
  • Clean burners and surrounding surfaces.
  • Inspect the flues of automatically controlled appliances to ensure they are corrosion-free, securely attached, and correctly vented.
  • Don't use gas fuel lines as clotheslines.
  • Don't block furnace room air vents. Gas appliances require air to burn fuel completely and operate efficiently. A yellowish flame can signal improper operation.
  • Teach children never to turn on or light gas appliances.

Relighting a Pilot Light

Relighting a Pilot Light
If the pilot flame on a natural gas appliance goes out, shut off the gas supply at the appliance's valve. Allow time for accumulated gas to escape, and then follow the relight procedure posted on the appliance.

If you have any doubts about the relighting procedure, call us at 800.477.4747.