Safety & Reliability

Our Commitment to You

DTE Energy is proud to have a strong commitment to providing safe and reliable energy to our customers. Using advanced technology and wide-ranging initiatives, we constantly test, upgrade and monitor our system and equipment to protect and fuel communities throughout Michigan.

Meter Safety Inspections

Safety is our top priority. Our goal is to prevent problems before they happen. That’s why every year, DTE conducts more than 300,000 natural gas meter safety inspections. This helps ensure homes and businesses are safe places to work and have a reliable supply of natural gas throughout the year.

Customers with indoor meters, or meters in secured areas, can help by scheduling a meter safety inspection when requested by DTE. The state requires a gas meter safety inspection every 36 months. The process includes a visual assessment of the meter, piping and components as well as a leak check, using a gas detector.

See the Inside Safety Inspections FAQ or watch and listen as a DTE technician demonstrates a safety inspection of a natural gas meter and piping.

Storage and Delivery

Storage and Delivery
DTE operates and maintains a system of underground natural gas storage facilities capable of storing 140.6 billion cubic feet of gas, enough to fill Ford Field more than 900 times. This capability helps ensure an ample supply of affordable natural gas for customers all year.

In addition, DTE’s 44 compressor units produce 136,795 horsepower - equivalent to 297 Mustang GTs - to help deliver natural gas to customers throughout Michigan