How to Read a Bill

This is a sample of the most common type of customer bill.

To learn more about charges on your bill and how rates are set, visit our Rates page.

how to read bill-1
how to read bill-2
1Payment Coupon
 Detach and return this portion with your payment.
2Due Date
 Your full payment should arrive on or before the due date to avoid a late fee.
3Payment Amount
 Please write in the amount you're paying.
4Contact Information
 Helpful phone numbers and web addresses for your service needs.
5Your Programs
 These are the programs you are currently enrolled in.
6Account Number
 When calling for account information or registering to use online account services, you will be asked to provide your account number and the last four digits of the account holders Social Security Number.
7Summary of Charges
  This is the total of detailed charges listed on subsequent pages. Last month's charges and payments are combined with this month's charges to produce an Account Balance.
8Your Monthly Energy Usage
 A 13 month graph keeps you up to date on your energy usage. For ways to save energy, see
9Important Information
 This section of the bill provides messages specific to your account status.
10 Details of Current Charges
 Your usage information for each service or product is listed here. For electric customers, Power Supply (the cost to generate power you use) and Distribution (the cost to deliver the power you use) are detailed separately. For natural gas customers, Gas Cost Recovery (the cost of the gas you use) and Delivery (the cost to deliver the gas you use) are detailed separately.
11 Current Billing Information
 The service period is the time frame for the energy charges. "Actual" means your meter was read and the reading was accepted by our billing system. Usage history allows you to compare your current energy use with your past energy use. Please note, the number of days billed within a billing period may vary from month to month.
12 Additional Information
 For additional information refer to these resources.