Bill Inserts

March 2016

Natural gas pipeline safety.

February 2016

At DTE Energy, we’re committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers. The price you pay for electric service covers our costs to generate and deliver electricity to you. Most likely you are on the Residential Electric Service Rate that provides the energy you need at an affordable price.

December 2015

Customer Connections: DTE is bringing you a better performing electric system; Learn about billing and payment options; Find out how other customers are saving 5 leading Michigan to a cleaner, affordable and reliable energy future.

November 2015

Payment assistance programs and ways to lower your energy bill. If you are having difficulty paying your energy bill, DTE Energy, along with government and private agencies, can provide assistance.

October 2015

DTE Energy has partnered with THAW since 1985 to keep Michigan families healthy, safe and warm. Please consider donating to THAW. No matter the size, your donation will help keep a vulnerable family's heat and lights on this winter.

September 2015

What are my natural gas pricing options?

August 2015

What is the right electric pricing option for me?

July 2015

Customer Connections: Energy-saving tips to make you more comfortable in your home and save you money; Delivering reliable service and safe, strong trees; Affordable, reliable and clean energy for Michigan; Summer is here - Are you ready for outdoor living?; Reduce hot summer stickiness with a new, more energy-efficient dehumidifier and earn a $25 rebate; Enjoy more of your summer with eBill Paperless Billing; DTE Energy receives J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction.

June 2015

What is the right electric pricing option for me?