Flexible Due Date

What day works for you? Flexible Due Date is a free service that allows you to schedule the due date of your DTE Energy bill each month.

Program Highlights

No More Bill Juggling
Selecting the day your bill is due allows you to choose the best time for your finances and bank account.
Peace of Mind
Flexible Due Date gives added assurance to customers on a fixed income or who are only paid once a month.

How Flexible Due Date Works

Choose a monthly due date between 1 and 28 (dates are subject to availability). You may only change your due date once per year. Once enrolled, the due date printed on your bill will never be earlier than this date, but could be due up to 5 days after this date.
The date we read your meter and create your bill will change. Your AMI meter allows us to read your meter at any time to provide you the benefit of a flexible due date.
The first bill after you switch will reflect the new date. This bill may be higher or lower than normal because the number of days in the billing period will be different as you transition to your new date. You may change your due date once per year.


To use Flexible Due Date, you must meet the following requirements.
  • You must have an active AMI meter(s).
  • You cannot be enrolled in the Electric Choice Program.
  • You cannot be enrolled in BudgetWise Billing, Shut-off Protection Plan or other payment plans.
  • You cannot be enrolled on the Home Protection Plan.
  • You cannot be a landlord with an active Automatic Transfer of Service (ATS) agreement on the account.

Enroll Now

Flexible Due Date is one of the variety of options we offer to make your account management process more convenient than ever. Click the Enroll Now link below to access our online enrollment form and select the payment due date that works best for you.