General Assistance

We offer several programs to assist our customers with paying their energy bills.
If you are behind on your energy bill, please contact us at 800.477.4747 before your service is subject to shutoff. We will work with you to set up a payment plan or advise you of assistance agencies in your area.
As a State Emergency Relief (SER) recipient you may be eligible for additional assistance.
In order to qualify for energy assistance programs, we must verify your household income to determine which program is right for you. This video describes which documents and information you will need to provide when applying for energy assistance programs.
Winter Protection Plan (WPP)
The Winter Protection Plan is a program designed to prevent service shut off and high utility payments during the heating season (November 1 - March 31 of the following year, each year) for low-income customers, at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level, and seniors (age 62 and up).
During this period, customers must pay a budgeted amount. Seniors who have had service shut off for non-payment before applying for WPP will have their services restored without any payments. Although no specific payments are required during the heating season, seniors are encouraged to pay something to avoid large payments when the protection period ends.
*Seniors 62 years of age or older qualify for this program regardless of income.
Active Military Protection
If you or your spouse is called to full-time active military duty during a national or state emergency or war, you may apply for shutoff protection for up to 90 days. You may also reapply for extensions of this protection.
Affordable Rental Housing
Customers looking for affordable rental housing may use the free Michigan Housing Locator at
GreenPath Financial Wellness
Services include budget counseling, debt management and credit report help. To learn more, call 888.235.1003.
Payment Agreement
Payment Agreement
It’s the easy way to get your account back on track. A Payment Agreement allows you to use an installment plan to bring your account up to date.
Program Highlights
Payment Agreements require a down payment, with the remaining balance to be paid in monthly installments. You must agree to pay the monthly installment plus your current charges (the amount shown on your bill for the most recent billing cycle) on the same date your current bill is due.
Payment agreements are available for all commercial customers, residential customers with a billing adjustment and residential customers needing additional time to bring their account up to date.
For More Information
To set up a new Payment Agreement, or to cancel or modify an existing agreement, please contact one of our customer representatives at 800.477.4747.
Medical Emergencies
Medical Emergency: If you or a member of your household has a proven medical emergency, you can apply for shutoff protection for up to 21 days. You must provide a completed Medical Certification Form from a physician or public health official that service shutoff will aggravate an existing medical condition.
Critical Care: If you or a household member require home medical equipment or a life-support system, you may provide a Medical Certification Form from a physician or medical facility identifying the medical equipment or life-support system certifying that an interruption of service would be immediately life-threatening. Critical Care re-certification is required on an annual basis.
For additional details or to submit your Medical Certification Form, please visit the customer document submission page.
Shutoff Protection Plan (SPP)
The Shutoff Protection Plan (SPP) is a payment program designed to assist low-income customers year-round and senior citizens during the space-heating season. The plan helps eligible customers manage the outstanding balance on their account and provides protection from a service shut off if monthly payments are made regularly.
You must pay a down payment to enroll, the amount of which will affect monthly payments. The higher the down payment, the lower the monthly payment will be. You have the flexibility in making your monthly payments on any date of your choice, as long as it’s paid by the next bill.