Misapplied Payment

Do you believe your payment was misapplied?

Help us investigate your claim by following the below guidelines. The following documents are accepted as valid proof of the payment:
  • A legible copy of the front and back of the cleared check, or documentation from the financial institution on letterhead with these details:
    • check number,
    • routing number,
    • last four digits of the bank account number,
    • the date the check cleared the customer’s account
  • Legible copy of the front and back of a money order
  • For payments through a banking bill pay application, a copy of the bank statement that contains the transaction and the details of that transaction (typically obtained; through clicking a link on the bill pay application), which should include the actual DTE account number the payment was for
  • Card type and last four digits of a credit or debit card
  • Legible copy of any receipt from an Authorized Pay Agent or a Rite Aid kiosk
  • Legible copy of any receipt provided by a DTE Energy Payment Center or Satellite Office

The following documents are not considered valid proof of payment:
  • Incomplete check images (i.e. with the scan line obliterated)
  • Money order stubs
  • Screenshots of a banking website without context and details, including bank name and last four digits of the account
  • Any cell phone screenshots
  • Payment confirmation screen provided by DTE Energy Channels

When Sending Documents to Us:
  1. Include the DTE Energy account number either on, or with the proof of payment that is being submitted
  2. The customer has fourteen days to submit proof of payment at the time the BPEM is created.

For all document submission:

E-mail is recommended over fax, and fax is recommended over US Postal mail.
  • Email: Mis_pymts@dteenergy.com
  • Fax: 313-235-0202
  • Mail:
    Misapplied Payments
    Remittance Processing
    WCB 1130,
    One Energy Plaza,
    Detroit, MI 48226