Efficiency & Development

Investing in Your Efficiency

DTE Energy offers a wide range of incentives to help your business save energy.
Your Energy Savings
When you invest in energy-saving improvements for your business, you’ll see the return on your bottom line! Now, with the added incentive of our new Your Energy Savings programs, we’re making it easier for you to achieve that return on investment.

Prescriptive Incentives Program
With the Prescriptive Incentives program, you can take advantage of incentives for energy-efficient upgrades and improvements tailored to reduce energy used in your business.

Incentives are available for an array of energy-saving technologies, for both electric and gas. Choose from a menu of prescriptive projects with pre-set incentives. This project menu includes incentives for energy-efficient lighting, motors and drives, controls, heating ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration and more.
Custom Incentive Program
If you have an energy-saving project that doesn't fall under our Prescriptive Incentives program, you may qualify for a custom incentive.
To be eligible, custom measures must reduce net electric and/or gas energy consumption by improving system efficiency. Projects that save energy by reducing service levels do not qualify. Custom incentives are paid based on the project’s first year energy savings.
Examples of custom measures include:
  • Exhaust heat recovery
  • Constant volume to variable volume water or air distribution
  • Process improvements
  • Upgrade of a refrigeration compressor
  • Air compressor improvements
New Construction and Remodeling Incentives
The Whole Building Design incentive offers building owners constructing nonresidential projects a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency enhancements and high performance building design. Whether it’s new construction, remodeling an existing building, or a core and shell project, our program can help you reduce your total building energy costs.

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