DTE Gas Midstream/Nominations

Mailing Address

DTE Gas Company Storage and Transportation Services
One Energy Plaza, Suite 1755 WCB
Detroit, MI 48226

Midstream Marketing and Contract Administration

John Lobbia
Sr. Account Manager
Office: 313.235.1597 or email
ICEIM: jlobbia
Lisa Kramer
Manager Asset Optimization
Office: 313.235.0372 or email
ICEIM: lkramer2
Rachel Meck
Sr. Account Manager
Office: 313.235.5197 or email
ICEIM: rmeck
Julia Huffman
Manager Origination & Optimization
Office: 313.235.0134 or email
ICEIM: jhuffman1

Gas Market Services (Contract Admin.)


During Business Hours
Janet Rogers
Manager, Gas Nomination Services
Office: 313.235.1015 or email
Jennifer Marinelli
Supervisor, Gas Nominations
Office: 313.235.5053 or email
ICE: jmarinelli
Doug Lowney – eNominator
Technical Support Specialist
Office: 313.235.1403
Pager: 313.990.2750 or email
John Imesch
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Outbound Nominations
Office: 313.235.5602
Cell: 586.246.0219 or email
ICE: jimesch
Thomas (Jeff) Gorenflo
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.8379 or email
Sheryl Maloney
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.1038 or email
ICE: smaloney
Stephanie Coleman
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.1039 or email
Joe Murray
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.5447 or email
ICE: jmurray6

Latasha Lynn
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.4240 or email
ICE: llynn

Tyler Rush
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.6891 or email
ICE: trush2

After-Hour Coverage

Weekends, holidays or weeknights: