Mailing Address

DTE Gas Company Storage and Transportation Services
One Energy Plaza, Suite 1755 WCB
Detroit, MI 48226

DTE Energy Gas Major Accounts

Contract Administration
Wayne Fox
Manager, Gas Major Accounts
Office: 231.690.1128 or email
Alesia Smith
Supervisor, Fulfillment Detroit
Office: 313.268.0188 or email
Jerrell Anderson
Associate Account Manager
Office: 313.573.5736 or email
Robert Fegan
Technical Consultant, Grand Rapids
Office: 616.490.1144 or email
Bradley Leiter
Manager, Gas Major Accounts GRMI
Office: 616.307.3153 or email
Adam Scripps
Account Manager
Office: 616.541.3269 or email
Andrew Hascher
Account Manager
Office: 616.307.7127 or email
Bentley Whitman
Account Manager, Petoskey
Office: 231.753.6143 or email
Michael Siroky
Account Manager, Grand Rapids
Office: 616.250.9993 or email
Michael Youngblood
Account Manager, Grand Rapids
Office: 616.260.1231 or email
Richard Werner
Account Manager, Grand Rapids
Office: 616.240.2091 or email
Zachary Kerfoot
Account Manager, Traverse City
Office: 231.499.7331 or email
Michael Fedele
Gas Major Accounts - SE, Detroit
Office: 734.301.7906 or email
Eric Bruski
Account Manager, Detroit
Office: 616.541.3269 or email
Eric Harris
Account Manager, Detroit
Office: 313.600.3586 or email
Julie Jozwiak
Account Manager, Detroit
Office: 313.600.3725 or email
Samantha Cook
Account Manager, Detroit
Office: 313.570.4433 or email
Steve Bibbee
Account Manager
Office: 313.477.7970 or email

Midstream Marketing and Contract Administration

Tom Budzyn
Account Representative
Office: 313.235.1040 or email
AIM: dtebudzyt
Julia Huffman
Manager Origination & Optimization
Office: 313.235.0134 or email
AIM: dtehuffmanj
Lisa Kramer
Manager Asset Optimization
Office: 313.235.0372 or email
AIM: dtekramerl
Rachel Meck
Sr. Account Manager
Office: 313.235.5197 or email
AIM: dtemeckr
Gas Market Services (Contract Admin.)


During Business Hours
Doug Lowney –eNominiator
Technical Support Specialist
Office: 313.235.1403
Pager: 313.990.2750 or email
AIM: dtelowneyd
John Imesch
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.5602
Cell: 586.246.0219 or email
AIM: dteimeschj
Joe Murray
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.5447 or email
Stephanie Coleman
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.1039 or email
AIM: dtecolemanc
Sheryl Maloney
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.1038 or email
AIM: dtemaloneys
Thomas (Jeff) Gorenflo
Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.8379 or email
AIM: dtegorenflot
Jennifer Marinelli
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.5053 or email
AIM: DTEmarinelliJ
Cindy Reppke
Sr. Transportation Specialist
Office: 313.235.1037 or email
AIM: dtereppkec
Kelly Fedele
Manager, Gas Nomination Services
Office: 313.235.1015 or email
AIM: dtefedelek

After-Hour Coverage

Weekends, holidays or weekdays after 5 p.m. Eastern Time:
  • For after-hour nomination assistance, please call 248.331.7993

Intraday Nomination Changes

DTE Gas Company allows intraday nomination changes on a best effort basis from 2:10 PM Eastern Time the day prior through 8:00 PM Eastern Time of the actual Gas Day.

Intraday changes are limited only by the contractual MDQ. DTE Gas Company does not limit changes based on pro-rata gas flow assumptions.