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Energy Supply

DTE Energy Supply

Delivering reliable and cost effective natural gas service to commercial and industrial customers in the Midwest and Northeast.
DTE Energy Supply capabilities are supported by world-class supply sourcing and management expertise, and an extensive collection of assets and resources, all ensuring that you receive the gas you need at competitive prices.
We are a subsidiary of DTE Energy, an integrated energy company with $24.2 billion in assets and more than 160 years of energy expertise. DTE Energy provides gas and electric utility services to nearly 3 million Michigan homes and businesses, and energy-related services to businesses and industries nationwide.

Ohio SCO & MVR Customers

DTE Energy Supply has earned the privilege of providing natural gas supplies to more than 100,000 Ohio households and businesses in the Dominion East Ohio Gas, Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio service territories, through successful competitive bids as part of the utilities’ Standard Choice Offer (SCO) or assigned customers in Dominion East Ohio’s MVR programs.

Standard Choice Offer

Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio and Vectren Energy Delivery have changed the way they secure natural gas for customers who have not selected an alternative natural gas supplier. These customers have been assigned to an alternative supplier through an auction process approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Going forward, the Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rate replaces the Standard Service Offer (SSO) rate on the bills of all Energy Choice-eligible customers and the SCO supplier’s name will appear on the bill.
Each respective gas supply company continues to:
  • Deliver natural gas to all customers
  • Offer payment plans, such as budget billing, and
  • Handle all emergency and customer service calls.
All customers pay the same supply and distribution rate for the delivery of natural gas supplies to their homes and businesses.
For more information on the Standard Choice Offer program please visit the Web site of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).

Monthly Variable Rate — Available to Dominion East Ohio Customers Only

Similar to the Standard Choice Office, Dominion East Ohio will continue to deliver natural gas to their customers, offer payment plans and handle emergency calls. However, with the MVR or Monthly Variable Rate, all MVR customers pay the same distribution rate for the delivery of natural gas. The supply rate is determined by your supplier on a monthly basis.
For more information on the Standard Choice Offer program, please visit the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) website.
Who is eligible for the Standard Choice Offer?
Customers who are Customer Choice eligible, but have not selected a supplier, will be assigned to a gas supplier with the new Standard Choice Offer rate. Choice ineligible customers will not be included in the program.
Why is my gas company changing the way it procures natural gas for its customers?
Columbia Gas of Ohio, Dominion East Ohio and Vectren Energy Delivery are transitioning out of the business of procuring gas for their customers, focusing instead on the business of natural gas delivery and customer service, and fostering a choice and competition based market to serve the gas supply needs of its customers.
What will I see on my bill?
DTE Energy Supply will be identified as your SCO supplier on your bill.
I am a business customer and exempt from sales tax due to the nature of my business. What do I need to do to eliminate sales tax charges from my bill?
In order for us to stop charging you sales tax OR continue your tax exempt status, you need to provide DTE Energy Supply with a sales tax exemption certificate (PDF). DTE Energy Supply is required by the state of Ohio to have a copy of your tax exemption certificate on file. Therefore all qualifying tax exempt customers are required to provide us with a sales tax exemption certificate within 60 days of initial service. If we do not have a tax exemption certificate in our file 60 days from initial delivery, we will be required to discontinue your tax exempt status.
Please complete the form and send it to:
DTE Energy Supply
Ohio Gas SCO Customer Service
414 South Main Street, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Alternatively, you can e-mail a scanned copy to or fax it to 734.887.4065. Please be sure to include your name, utility company, account number and phone number in the e-mail/fax cover sheet in case we have follow-up questions.
Once received by us, future bills will reflect your tax exemption. Refunds on sales tax already paid can be claimed from the Ohio Department of Taxation.
Can I still change my provider?
Customers continue to have the option to shop for their own natural gas supply, either through an individual agreement with a certified Choice supplier of through a governmental aggregation program.
For more information, please visit the Public Utility Commission of Ohio website.
How is the SCO rate determined?
Standard Choice Offer (SCO) rates are set based on a simple formula:
  • Current market rate for natural gas as determined by the monthly closing price for the natural gas contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).
  • Plus a fixed retail price adjustment reflecting the additional cost to bring the gas to the customer. The retail price adjustment was determined in a competitive auction administered by Vectren Energy and approved by the Ohio Public Service Commission.
Since current market rates change based on supply and demand, the monthly rate charged to customers will change as well.
What is the current SCO rate?
The below rates apply to all deliveries during the time period shown.
  • Columbia billing period end date rate for Sptember 2022 was $1.10030 per CCF
  • Dominion East Ohio billing period end date rate for Mid-Sep 2022 to Mid-Oct 2022 was $9.53300 per MCF
  • Vectren month rate for September 2022 was $1.10777 per CCF
How do I find past SCO rates?
Who do I contact with SCO rate and sales tax charges?
DTE Energy Supply will be your contact for all questions regarding the rate and sales tax charges. You can reach our customer service hotline at 866.807.2209 during our business hours (8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday).
Who is eligible for the Monthly Variable Rate?
Dominion East Ohio customers who are Customer Choice eligible, but have not selected an alternative supplier, will be assigned to a gas supplier under the MVR program. At this time, DTE Supply only supplies gas to assigned MVR customers.
How is the MVR rate determined?
The Monthly Variable Rate (MVR) is determined by each individual supplier.
What is the current MVR rate?
The current rates in $/MCF (as shown on your bill), for the billing period end date (Mid-Sep 2022  to Mid-Oct 2022) are $9.99000/MCF.
These rates apply to all deliveries during the month shown.
Where can I find past rates?
A list of MVR past rates is available for download.