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State-of-the-Art Facility

DTE Electric Company receives approximately 10 million tons of coal per year through the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal.
With large-capacity storage and access to low-cost bulk transportation, the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal accommodates a range of coal transshipment needs throughout the Great Lakes region.
  • Storage for eight coal types in large volumes with the capability of storing more in the future
  • Blending of up to three dissimilar quality coals during the vessel loading process
  • 5,000 TPH maximum unit train unloading rate (rotary coupler cars)
  • 11,500 TPH maximum vessel loading rate
  • Routinely accommodate vessels of up to 1,000' length and two 123-car unit trains
Terminal Information  
Location St. Louis Bay, at the mouth of the St. Louis River (Lake Superior) in Superior, Wisconsin
Owner & Operator Midwest Energy Resources Company
Railroad Connection(s) Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific
Dock Length 1,200 feet
Dumping Machine 1 rotary Metso Unit, 5,000 TPH
Loading System Traveling shiploader with shuttle boom
Restrictions on Coal, Coke Size Maximum top size of 4 inches
Practical Maximum Annual Capacity 25.5 million tons
Ground Storage 5.0 million tons. Coal can be dumped from railcars to storage or can be moved directly to vessels.
Number of Barges/Vessels Loaded Simultaneously One
Type of Trimming Chute Angled, rotating
Maximum Vessel Size Length: 1,105 ft.
Beam: 105 ft.
Draft: 28 ft.
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