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A Source of Energy and Revenue

DTE Biomass Energy helps landfill operators reap the economic and environmental benefits from implementing a landfill gas-to-energy program.
Landfill gas recovery transforms a noxious greenhouse gas into an energy source with a variety of positive benefits. With our decades of experience designing, engineering and implementing these systems, DTE Biomass Energy provides local utilities, industries and consumers with an opportunity to harness this renewable fuel supply. Additionally, as a subsidiary of DTE Energy we are able to self-finance our projects, a key advantage in the industry.
Landfill Assessment
DTE Biomass Energy is a national leader in landfill gas recovery, with 19 operating sites in 8 states. Key drivers of our success begins with our state-of-the-art technology and unmatched industry approach to assess a landfill’s best potential and create a customized project for outstanding results.
  • Analyze a landfill. We determine the most profitable landfill gas-to-energy options based on its size, location and market opportunities.
  • Optimize energy end use. Once we know a landfill’s unique strengths, we can determine whether the extracted landfill gas is best suited to generate electricity, replace fossil fuels in industrial and manufacturing operations, or refine to pipeline-quality gas, which can then be used as vehicle fuel, qualifying for RINs and LCFS Credits.
  • Maximize value. DTE Biomass Energy performs the complete range of design, engineering, construction, and operation services required to realize efficiencies and environmental benefits.

To discover more about our landfill assessment capabilities, see our Davidson Gas Producers project.

DTE Biomass Energy is pleased to be part of the Landfill Methane Outreach Program, a voluntary technical assistance initiative from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that supports the adoption of landfill gas recovery.

Pipeline-Quality Renewable Natural Gas
Before landfill gas can be sold to premium energy markets, it must first be refined. DTE Biomass Energy can build a system that extracts and prepares landfill gas for injection into commercial pipelines, where it can be used to replace fossil fuel-based natural gas.
  • Extraction and refinement. Landfill gas is treated and scrubbed through a series of processes to produce a pipeline-quality natural gas. This includes compression, cooling and filtering through a variety of different systems.
  • Pipeline preparation. Before refined gas can be introduced into pipelines, the gas needs to meet the different specification and compression requirements that vary by pipeline.
Additionally, DTE Biomass Energy has experience taking renewable natural gas to the emerging vehicle fuel market, qualifying under the federal RFS program (RINs) and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in California – and is a proud of our membership in the Renewable Natural Gas Coalition.

To see how we can create and deliver pipeline-quality renewable gas, please see our Westside Gas Producers project.
Power Generation
Landfill gas is a renewable resource. When it’s used to generate renewable electricity, it also creates renewable energy credits (RECs).

Power generated from landfill gas is in high demand from utilities seeking to meet their renewable portfolio requirements. In states without a renewable portfolio standard, the renewable energy credits can be traded on the market.

Currently, we have over 78 MW of power generation in our portfolio and have tremendous experience operating both engine and turbine technology.

To find out how DTE Biomass Energy can maximize the benefit of power generation, see our Sunshine Gas Producers project.
Direct Use
Landfill gas can be sent through a dedicated pipeline directly to an energy customer, such as a large-scale commercial or industrial operation. In these cases, the landfill gas typically needs minimal processing before customer use.

Gas is extracted from the landfill with a system of drilled vertical wells and trenched horizontal wells, is lightly compressed, filtered, and cooled. A pipeline installed from the landfill site will allow the end customer to receive the gas directly into their facility.

To see how we have implemented direct-use landfill gas projects, check out our Fayetteville Gas Producers project.
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Carbon Capture and Credit
Carbon credits are just one of the many benefits of extracting and refining landfill gas. DTE Biomass Energy can help you package and sell those credits on the open market. To learn more, please contact DTE Biomass Energy.
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