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Converting Landfill Gas Into Pipeline-Quality Renewable Natural Gas

DTE Biomass Energy provides renewable natural gas to the emerging renewable vehicle fuels market.
High BTU plants require seasoned expertise to design, operate, maintain, and manage. They are closely regulated by the government and require strict compliance. DTE Biomass Energy used its advanced technology, expertise in the industry and compliance knowledge to capture revenue by creating pipeline-quality gas from a landfill gas source.
DTE Biomass Energy’s highly trained operators monitor the project at all times and quickly respond to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. In addition, DTE Biomass Energy’s experienced Business Development team increased the value of this project by creating and monetizing its environmental benefits. This pipeline-quality renewable natural gas is used to power compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas vehicles, offsetting the use of harmful fossil-based fuel.
Project Benefits
  • Collect landfill gas that otherwise would have vented into the atmosphere or flared off as CO2.
  • Create renewable vehicle fuel offsetting fossil-based fuels. .
  • By using a green source of fuel, Westside Gas Producers derives income from environmental attributes (RINs and LCFS Credits).
  • The emissions reductions provided are equivalent to removing roughly 44,000 passenger vehicles from the road each year.
Facts at a Glance
  • Project Type: High BTU
  • Start date: May 2001
  • Capacity: 4.5 million cubic feet of landfill gas per day
  • Facility: Kryosol (Solvent Absorption)
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