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Generating Renewable Electricity From Landfill Gas

DTE Biomass Energy’s Southern California facility creates enough renewable electricity to power thousands of homes.
Sunshine Gas Producers is generating renewable electricity from landfill gas at its facility located at the Sunshine Canyon Landfill in Sylmar, California.
DTE Biomass Energy is responsible for the commercial operation of the 23.5-megawatt (MW) facility. Landfill gas from the site is used to produce renewable energy, which is sold to Pacific Gas & Electric under a long-term power purchase agreement. The power plant, which includes five turbine generators, is capable of generating enough renewable electricity to power nearly 25,000 California homes.
Project Benefits
  • Generates renewable energy and offsets the use of non-renewable resources such as coal, natural gas and oil.
  • Helps destroy methane, a potent heat-trapping greenhouse gas.
  • Decreases air pollution, enhances gas collection and reduces odors for the facility and its neighbors.
  • The turbine-fed generators provide green power to the area for approximately 25,000 households.
Facts at a Glance
  • Project Type: Power Generation
  • Start date: September 2014
  • Capacity: 23.5 MW
  • Facility: Five Solar Mercury Turbines
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