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Extracting, Processing and Delivering Landfill Gas

DTE Biomass Energy worked with Cumberland County and Cargill to provide both a green energy source and a cost-effective alternative to natural gas.
DTE Biomass Energy designed, constructed and now operates the landfill gas collection system and blower station at Cumberland County’s Ann Street Landfill. The system can deliver up to 1.8 million cubic feet of gas per day to Cargill.

Cargill Incorporated purchases the landfill gas after it is collected, compressed, dewatered and transported through a 2-mile pipeline that extends under the Cape Fear River. Cargill burns the gas in a boiler to partially satisfy the thermal needs of its soybean processing facility.
Project Benefits
  • Collects up to 1.8 million cubic feet/day of landfill gas
  • Reduced energy costs allow Cargill to power its industrial factory more economically
  • DTE Biomass Energy, Cargill and Cumberland County worked in tandem to create an effective green energy solution
Facts at a Glance
  • Project Type: Direct Use
  • Start date: 1998
  • Capacity: 1.8 million cubic feet of landfill gas a day
  • Facility: 1.8 MMCFD LFG collection and processing plant
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