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Creating Value Streams Through Landfill Assessment

DTE Biomass Energy helped the Davidson Landfill unlock profitable value in both methane destruction and power generation.
At the Davidson Landfill in Lexington, North Carolina, we recognized the potential for two value streams: carbon capture/credits and power generation. We employed a phased development approach, first installing a landfill gas collection and destruction system, followed by a power generation facility.

Our intimate knowledge of protocols, stringent verification processes, internal market intelligence and marketing expertise make us a great partner for those looking to unlock carbon value at potential landfill gas projects.

All of our projects are registered on the California Climate Action Registry. Our experience in implementing carbon and power projects enables us to determine and create the most profitable path for our business partners given the resources presented to us. Our in-house expertise in engineering and project management enables us to design, engineer, build and operate landfill gas recovery systems tailored to each landfill's situation.

Project Benefits
Project Benefits
  • Phase one involved installing a landfill gas collection system to create value through monetizing carbon credits.
  • The greenhouse gas emissions destroyed at the Davidson landfill gas carbon capture project are equivalent to removing the emissions of approximately 10,516 passenger vehicles from the road annually.
  • Phase two involved the addition of a power generation component, creating revenue from the sale of renewable energy.
  • The environmental benefit of the comprehensive project is equivalent to the carbon captured by more than 74,000 acres of U.S. forests annually.

Facts at a Glance
Facts at a Glance
  • Project Type: Carbon Capture/Credit Power Generation
  • Start date: Carbon Project – May 2009, Power Project – 2010
  • Capacity: 1.6 MW
  • Equipment: Fuel Skid, Flare, One Caterpillar 3520 Engine Generator
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