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DTE Biomass Energy is a leader in the waste-to-energy sector, helping landfill and dairy farm operators realize new revenue streams while advancing environmental goals.
Founded in 1988, DTE Biomass Energy is dedicated to creating and implementing gas-to- energy programs. As a subsidiary of DTE Energy, one of the largest and most trusted utility companies in the nation, we deliver industry-leading capital resources, infrastructure and comprehensive understanding to every project. In 2019, DTE Biomass began operations on dairy renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities to bring this expertise to the agricultural industry.
DTE Biomass tailors production and processes to each project's unique characteristics.
Biogas Assessment
Our experts assess a landfill’s or dairy farm's potential as well as the best use of the landfill gas to determine the most profitable biogas-to-energy option.
Energy End Use
Biogas can be utilized in a variety of ways, and we can determine the best one for the market. Options include generating electricity, replacing fossil fuels in industrial and manufacturing operations, or refining to pipeline quality gas.
Complete Project Experience
DTE Biomass creates a total game plan for a project — design, engineering, construction, ownership, operation — to maximize total value.
DTE Biomass Energy
Learn how to maximize the value inside waste.
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