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DTE Biomass Energy is a leader in the landfill gas-to-energy sector, helping landfill operators realize new revenue streams while advancing environmental goals.
Founded in 1988, DTE Biomass Energy is dedicated to creating and implementing landfill gas to energy programs. As a subsidiary of DTE Energy, one of the largest and most trusted utility companies in the nation, we deliver industry-leading capital resources, infrastructure and comprehensive understanding to every project. To ensure success, we offer complete end-to-end service, including landfill assessment and wellfield operations, renewable natural gas, direct landfill gas use, and power generation projects.
1LandfillWells are drilled into the trash where landfill gas is generated. The gas is vacuum drawn into the wells, routed through the main collection header and piped to the gas clean up system, where it is turned into beneficial gas.
2BlowerThe landfill gas must be pressurized to move through the cleanup system and to the desired end use. A low-pressure blower can meet both the necessary wellfield vacuum and downstream pressure requirements.
3FlareGas not designated for a beneficial use is burned in a flare, destroying unwanted components in the landfill gas, such as methane, a destructive greenhouse gas, and trace impurities, including those with high odor.
4Direct UseMany industrial facilities are powered by burning hydrocarbon fuels on site. If there is such an operation nearby with large, consistent energy needs, it is often sound business for them to replace some or all of the hydrocarbon fuel with landfill gas.
5Pipeline-Quality GasLandfill gas is a mix of methane, carbon dioxide and water, and trace impurities. Sometimes, it is economical to purify the landfill gas to produce a natural gas quality methane product by refining out the CO2, water and impurities.
6Power Generation Creating electricity from landfill gas can be very cost effective. Modularized internal combustion engine or turbine generator sets can produce electricity that is delivered into the local electric distribution system.
There are numerous factors that influence the potential of a landfill gas project. That’s why DTE Biomass Energy tailors production and processes to each landfill’s unique characteristics.
Landfill Assessment
Our experts assess a landfill’s potential as well as the best use of the landfill gas to determine the most profitable landfill gas-to-energy option.
Energy End Use
Landfill gas can be utilized in a variety of ways, and we can determine the best one for the market. Options include generating electricity, replacing fossil fuels in industrial and manufacturing operations, or refining to pipeline quality gas.
Complete Project Assistance
DTE Biomass Energy creates a total game plan for a project — design, engineering, construction, ownership, operation — to meet a landfill’s needs and maximize total value.
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