Our Company

At DTE Energy, our aspiration is to be the best-operated energy company in North America and a force for growth and prosperity in the communities where we live and serve. Our aspiration grew out of our employees' genuine desire to help build a better future for Michigan and for every community in which we operate.
In 2016, we delivered electricity to our customers from coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear and renewable energy sources. Our natural gas utility business serves approximately 1.3 million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Michigan. We own distribution, storage and transportation facilities, approximately 2,000 miles of large gas transmission pipelines and 19,000 miles of smaller distribution mains.
Corporate Values
Our values shape the way we think about our company and the way that we work on a daily basis. They highlight the "rules of the road" and guide all of our decisions and actions.
Our values have real power because we routinely live them, act on them — and do so with conviction.
We put the health and safety of people first — and know this responsibility rests with each of us.
We act with integrity and show respect — and understand this defines our company's character.
We see our work through the eyes of those we serve — and know that our work is a powerful means to serve others.
We bring our best energy and focus to our work — and are fully engaged and accountable for results.
We believe that improvement is our daily responsibility — and know those we serve have the right to expect that from us.
We play to win as a team — and put the needs of our enterprise first.
We are passionate about the success of our company — and know that its health and growth generate prosperity.
Corporate Priorities
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This illustration summarizes DTE Energy's seven corporate priorities -- the strategic drivers that propel our business toward a strong future. In 2016, we added Force for Growth in Communities as a pillar of our corporate strategy. Our success depends upon the growth and prosperity of our customers and communities we serve.
2016 Electric Generation Capacity
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2016 Fuel Mix Used to Generate Electricity
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Renewable Fuels Breakdown
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Diluted Earnings Per Common Share (dollars)
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Net Income (million dollars)
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Operating Revenue (billion dollars)
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DTE Electric
DTE Electric owns and operates approximately 31,000 miles of overhead distribution lines and 16,000 miles of underground distribution lines. Our service territory encompasses 7,600 square miles and includes about 2.2 million residential, commercial and industrial customers.
Over the next five years, we plan on investing $1.6 billion in our natural gas infrastructure. This will fund ongoing modernization of our main pipelines and installation of new service lines to homes and businesses.
Power & Industrial
Power and Industrial business provides energy-related products and services nationwide to energy-intensive industrial, commercial and institutional customers. Its product lines are concentrated in the industrial energy services, renewable energy and environmental controls markets.
Energy Trading
DTE Energy Trading conducts energy marketing and trading operations, serving primarily utilities, local distribution companies and other marketers. In 2016, the value of our trading volume totaled about $2.6 billion.

Gas Storage & Pipelines
Gas Storage and Pipelines has more than doubled in net income over the past five years, reflecting tremendous growth in natural gas production and use. Continuing this trend, we are partnering with Houston-based Spectra Energy to develop the NEXUS Pipeline — a 255-mile gas pipeline through Ohio and Michigan that will serve the next generation of natural gas-fueled power plants. It is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.