Low Income Programs

DTE Energy understands the importance of energy in our daily lives. That's why we work with government agencies and community organizations to bring energy and payment assistance to low-income residents.

If you are behind on your energy bill, please contact us at 800.477.4747 before your service is subject to shutoff. We will work with you to set up a payment plan or advise you of assistance agencies in your area.

Who Qualifies? Income Eligibility Guidelines

Federal Income Guidelines
Number of Household Members 110% HHC 150% SER, WPP, RIA, THAW, *Non-profit Agencies
For each additional person add

* Some non-profit agencies might provide assistance to households with a higher income level. Please contact the agency for details.

Wayne Country - Foreclosure Prevention

Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

Federal - Earned Income Credit (EIC)

Home Heating Credit (HHC)


Michigan Community Action Agency Association (MCAAA)

Residential Income Assistance Credit (RIA)

The Salvation Army

State-Earned Income Credit (EIC)

State Emergency Relief Program (SER)

Home Improvement Loans

The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW)

United Way